The Substance of 'WE', Polytopia

Yes, superorganisms are arising, some of them will be equivalent to flock intelligence, some will be hybrids, some will be organic and some will be hardware/software based, some will be of a robotic nature, some will be biological enhanced systems, and some we cannot even imagine at present, that is what the singularity is all about. Allowing for all of these, is the evolutionary imperative of a conscious aware system that realizes that the “good” is neither a given, nor is it fixed. There are many solutions to many problems in many dimensions, that is the beauty of life, that it does not necessitate “one” solution for “one” problem. As the Rhizomatic view purports and possibly implies, a singularity might result in a superior super intelligence, it might just as well (and in my view probably will) result in multiple super intelligences extending human possibilities to all directions simultaneously.”

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